I am a 17-year-old British actress, director, writer, producer, casting director, charity enthusiast, blogger and... yep!

You guessed it, pretty much anything creative I can get involved in!

I started in this industry when I was 14 years old - which I know doesn't seem long - but I have had enough experience and opportunities to last me a lifetime!

Two years ago  I created my own production company 'Dream Hive Films' which you can read about here:


Aside from this filming life I lead and love I am currently going into Year 12 studying English, History and Politics for A-Levels while filming on the weekends!

I live at home with my big brother, Dad and two dogs while my Mum is an artist studying at the Florence Academy in New York City.

Some of my Skills:

- Skiing for 10+ years, Bronze Qualification

- RYA Sailing Level 3 Qualification

Scuba Diving Basic Level

Piano Grade 3 ABRSM and Composition

- Musical Theatre Singing Grade 5

DofE Bronze Canoeing 

I am hugely passionate in charity especially for children after my little brother and sister sadly passed away and also any adventures!.. I am so grateful for all these incredible opportunities and for finding my passion so young.

Liv X

Mark Anthony Games, Casting Director
Olivia brings something unique and different to every role, the much mentioned X-Factor.
2010 - present
2010 - present
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