5/9/16 - Holding Auditions for My First Film

Today I held auditions in our local village hall (Poulton) for my first ever film 'Never Alone'. We had 20+ auditionees with 75% of them children under 16. Wow, so much incredible talent in such young children. We also were very lucky to have the truly phenomenal Sarah Sirr (Bristol Old Vic) to help with the auditions, such an honour for us. I was completely and utterly blown away by all of the talent in the room and very grateful that they put their trust in me as a young director. I had approached them via Mandy Kids and Mandy (then, KCCP and CCP).

Wow, so massively difficult choosing our actors from the incredible talent that we saw throughout the day.

In the end we found the absolutely perfect actors who fit the roles perfectly.

Lauren Carver - Bella

Megan Hughes - Flo

Kimberley Shopland - Skye

Andy Deluca - Jack

Abby Sparrow - Jessie

Susie Maiden - Mum

Olivia Maiden - Maddy

After watching Abby's incredible audition and improvised audition I decided to write the character of 'Jessie' specifically for her as her talent was too apparent not to have in the film even though she was a little young for Bella and a little old for Flo. One of the best decisions I could have possibly made for the film, she continued to impress us throughout auditions, rehearsals and filming with her professionalism. What an absolute star!

We are all super excited to begin rehearsals next month and have the promotional photos taken soon for the poster by Jonathan Phillips before we start the big three day filming adventure weekend. I am super, massively grateful to all our phenomenal cast and crew who are supporting us to create this and to all our Indiegogo donors and sponsors who have funded this passion project which is so close to my heart.

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