My Timeline

of  important events

APRIL 18th 2002:

Olivia Isabel Grace Maiden was born... that's me!

I grew up (& still am!) in Gloucestershire with my parents, big brother George and two dogs. 

NOVEMBER 28th 2008:

My little sister, Florence, passed away... three years after my little brother, Samuel, died. I was six and my brother was seven. Since then I have been so passionate about the charities which helped us: Winston's Wish, The Lily Foundation and Helen & Douglas House.

JANUARY 6th 2013:​

I attended my first NYMT (National Youth Music Theatre) Audition aged 11.

I signed up to audition - without my parents knowing - and told my parents two weeks before I auditioned (and begged them!)

I was just a little kid with big dreams.

I contacted and was in contact some of the best West End childrens' casting directors determined to audition for some of the West End Shows, though by now, I was a little too old for some of my dream roles but that didn't stop me:)

JULY 23rd 2015:

I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with my Dad in memory of my little sister and brother, Florence and Sam Maiden.

I trained long and hard in the Easter Holidays climbing Ben Nevis (Tallest mountain in Britain) Twice in 2 days... that was super difficult but so worth it for the bed at the end and then came Kili...that was difficult.

I raised £5895 for charity split between: Helen & Douglas House (For my siblings) and Ace Africa (For the disadvantaged children on the Kenya-Tanzania border) AND I even got on the radio... BBC Radio Gloucestershire and BBC Radio Oxfordshire - it was such an amazing experience!

SEPTEMBER 5th 2016:

I announced to my parents that I had written a short film script entitled 'Never Alone' and had already organised auditions for that coming weekend... oops (they were hugely supportive anyway!)

When people ask me the motivation behind this sudden urge to make a film, I said I was sick of being too small for theatre roles and wanted some film experience for a showreel... which is true but then as production grew closer 'Never Alone' (the short film) was no longer a film to act in, but a passion project, in memory of my siblings based around loss and bereavement.

The film went on to be nominated for 19 awards at film festivals shown nationally and internationally… I started to network lots more and become more known in the industry.

JANUARY 21st 2017:

I filmed my proffesional film soley as an actress in Adam J Morgans - 'Trial of Rebecca Worlock' as 13-year-old Mary-Ann Worlock after two auditions. It was a total dream come true. I just loved my character.

I acted alongside and learnt from some of the Indie Film Industry's greatest talent and started to build up my profile in the industry.

MARCH 19th 2017:


March was a huge month for me... I had now filmed a couple of short student films since the Trial of Rebecca Worlock but had now just been cast in 3 Student Films to be filmed all in TWO WEEKS.

I also had the premiere to her short film 'Never Alone' and the 'Trial of Rebecca Worlock' premiere along with working as an extra on Little Glass Film's (Patrick Ryders) 'In Flight'. It was the BEST 'Film' weeks everrrr!

AUGUST 15th 2017:

I set about making her second short film​ 'Bea Before Me' over just two short days which only secured my love, passion and burningg for films. Working with some of the Top Industry Professionals I LOVED every minute: writing, directing, producing, casting and starring in this 10-minute thriller.

Currently doing the 'Festival Rounds' already selected for a few... yipeee!

DECEMBER 14th 2017:

I was now offered a small-speaking-role in Boudica Films: 'Kat and the Band' starring Ella Hunt and McFly's Dougie Poynter. I had the most amazing time on set with the incredible, visionary director 'Esther Hegarty' and the inspiring crew. Just the most AMAZING experience.

So looking forward to the films release this coming summer.

MARCH 29th 2018:

I wrapped on playing Constance Stanley in Adam J Morgan's and Pippa Alice Stephens: "The Invisible War" (WW2 Feature Film)

This has been the most challenging role for me yet and a huge step in my career playing a real-life young girl in a Mental Asylum struggling to show emotion -  based on a completely true character and story.

I was so so honoured to be invited back by Adam for this and working with the best of the best!

APRIL 18th 2018:


I am now 16 so is no longer bound by child-liscensing regulations... ahhh! Super excited. So many more incredible opportunities now!


This Summer I have a whole range of exciting things planned. In early July I will be going to L.A (Hollywood) to meet with a Director and look around Disney Studios (not open to public viewing) where I will also immerse myself in all things film.

I have a couple of filming commitments (still under wraps) which are all extremely exciting and I am busy getting into character for.

I am in heavy pre-production for my 3rd Film: A WW2 Feature Film 'PEACE IN OUR TIME' looking to be filming in 2019... there is already a huge amount of buzz around the film and a huge stellar child cast.

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